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Nalli's acting diary


Tube and fittings industry, new HDPE tube factory

  • Location: Cabreúva/SP

  • Challenge: Bringing energy to the site in order to meet the increased demand for energy from the new factory.

  • Service: Elaboration of the executive project and execution of the work. Installation of 2 1500kVA transformers and reconductor of 500m of compact AT 13.8kV network with 70mm² to 185mm² cables, within 120 days, 600 days less than the deadline offered by the local energy concessionaire.

Graphic industry specialist in promotional flyers

  • Location: Araras/SP

  • Challenge: To deliver the products on time, the machines cannot stop, even with a power outage at the dealership. For example, the production of printed material takes place at night, to travel at dawn and at 5 am the next day to be delivered in Belo Horizonte for distribution.

  • Service: Installation of diesel generator set, manufacturer Cummins. Being, 2 machines of 625kVA in 2015 and 1 more machine of 625kVA in 2019, with transfer and parallelism in medium voltage 13.8kV.


Milk production and livestock

  • Location: Mogi Mirim/SP

  • Challenge: In this manufacturing plant, the milking process is semi-automated and completely dependent on electricity. After milking, the milk needs to be kept cool until it is transported to the factories. In addition, caring for animals (pregnant women, newborn calves and producing animals) also consumes electricity. For this reason, keeping the factory continuously running, regardless of the electricity supply from the concessionaire, is fundamental to the success of the business.

  • Service: Installation of diesel generator set, manufacturer Cummins. Being 1 machine of 500kVA in 2019 and infrastructure preparation for another machine, with transfer and parallelism in medium voltage 13.8kV.

Sale of sports and super sports vehicles

  • Location: Araras/SP

  • Challenge: Install a 300kVA transformer and adapt it to the electrical network, in order to meet customer demand, maintaining the harmony and aesthetics of the façade.

  • Service: Removal and transfer of 2 posts with primary and secondary network from the sidewalk in front of the building to the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, leaving the front of the facade without posts; Elaboration of a substation project with an underground entrance with 25mm copper cables, 15kV insulation, 80m away from the transition pole of the concessionaire's network, with no pole on the client's land; Replacement of bare open low voltage network cables for isolated multiplexes to enable safe cleaning of the windows on the side of the building.


gated residential condominium

  • Location: Araras/SP

  • Challenge: Improve internal lighting and consequently increase safety for residents.

  • Service: Replacement of light fixtures with 100W sodium vapor lamps for high-performance LED 120W public light fixtures Installation of 2 poles of 15m with 3 high-performance LED 120W public light fixtures on each pole.

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