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History and Tradition

Operating since 1973 in the electrical projects and installations sector, NALLI is today a reference in the field, due to its quality standards, transparency, boldness and technique.

With its own headquarters located in the city of Araras, in the interior of São Paulo, it has been executing regional works, obtaining excellent results with its clients and partners.

Equipped with a highly qualified technical staff, after the design and approval of the project by the concessionaires (Elektro, CPFL, Telefônica, among others) and by the customers, it begins execution, seeking the total satisfaction of the contractor, always with concern for the safety of its employees and the people involved.

Focus on technological advancement

We accumulate in our archives several projects (verified by ARTs) executed, approved and in full operation.


Our philosophy is the satisfaction of customers, suppliers and employees, and the continuous search for improvement.

With a focus on the technological advancement demanded by market globalization, we are constantly in research and development to always guarantee the best service, be it sales, electrical installations or maintenance.


We also have a large stock of materials and a complete store, which serves Araras and Region, in the “self service” category, where customers have the facility to locate the products and we have technical salespeople who help with the choice and specification.


Moment of transformations

We entered a new cycle, with goals and many transformations.


The energy that moves the lives of millions of people is what inspires us to be increasingly humane, sustainable and innovative.

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